BRESOV Partners at a Glance



Euroseeds is the voice of the European seed sector. We therefore represent the interests of those active in research, breeding, production and marketing of seeds of agricultural, horticultural and ornamental plant species. Today, Euroseeds, with more than 35 national member associations from EU Members States and beyond, represents several thousand seed businesses, as well as more than 70 direct company members, including from seed related industries.

Role of Euroseeds in BRESOV

The primary responsibilities of Euroseeds in the project will relate to the coordination of WP6 (Communication, Dissemination, Training and Exploitation). In addition, within WP4 Euroseeds will define the varieties to use, the traits to evaluate, and the parameters to study for the three crops. Euroseeds will also set up a trialling plan and provide a harmonised trialling protocol and recommendations for the task partners; it will then supervise the trials and will use all the collected data and statistical results to define the thresholds and optimal conditions to maximize the quantity and the quality of organic seeds in tomato, brassicas and bean.